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Anjela Duval and the traditional Breton ballad
Welcome on Mignoned Anjela's website!

Mignoned Anjela is an association from which the goal is to gather, protect and diffuse all about Anjela Duval and her works. We published:

Just published by Mignoned Anjela : the DVD of the first film of Anjela Duval (1971) It is diffused by COOP BREIZH
Z.A. Kerangwenn 29540 SPEZED/Spezet
telephone: +33 2 98 93 83 14, fax: +33 2 98 93 87 97,

You will find soon on our site: However, it is a long-term job. For the moment, we placed at your disposal the first 382 poems of Anjela Duval in Breton (classified alphabetically) as well as a first text of presentation.

We wish you a very pleasant reading.

E brezhoneg (in Breton)
E galleg (in French)


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